OZ Stoners 710 vapour pen

Designed by the Australian cannabis community and fast becoming Australia's favourite portable vapouriser kit the 710 pen is for use with oil, wax, shatter and resin. The kit comes complete with an overnight charger, a fast charger, cleaning kit and dab tool. Each 710 pen box also contains two atomisers one being a full ceramic donut which provides a very clean smooth natural taste, and the other a quartz dual coil that heats up fast for a big throat hit. The choice is yours!

For instructions on how to use the OZ Stoners 710 Vapour Pen click here

710 Vapour Pen Box Front
710 Vapour Pen Box Back

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Donut Coil Atomiser Silicone Jar Silicone Jar Open Dual Quartz Coil Atomiser


710 User Instructions


  1. Press button 5x quickly to turn on/off
  2. Remove the magnetic lid to show atomiser (Unscrew atomiser to change. Comes fitted with the ceramic donut)
  3. Before loading either the ceramic donut or coil atomiser press and hold the button till it flashes 2-3 times to ensure any residue/dust from manufacturing and packaging is burnt off.
  4. Using the spoon end of the dab tool grab roughly 0.1g (about the same size as a grain of rice) essential oil or shatter and wax etc.
  5. Before adding to the chamber (directly onto the donut or coil) tap the button a few times to warm the coil up then lightly tap the dab tool onto the coil allowing the dab to melt into the coil. Wipe the tool with your silicone jar to save any excess.
  6. Close the magnetic lid. Press the button for a few seconds first and then press and hold whilst inhaling and enjoy!